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I'm running several system with different purposes but all running Debian GNU/Linux, see below. If necessary I list all packages and configurations that might be useful to know about when running such a piece of hardware. Usually I install both free and non-free Linux firmware packages.

Laptop-Workstation Lenovo ThinkPad Yoga 11e (Type 20DA)

I decided for this model because it is handy, robust, light enough and provides a good battery time (more than 5 hours). It also has a touchscreen. If I could change one or two things, I'd have preferred a matt display instead of the shiny one and one more USB port. As usual I decided for a model that only use Intel hardware, so I can be sure, that it is well supported by Linux (even the touchscreen works). Basically the following packages are needed: intel-microcode (Kernel), libdrm-intel1 (drm module), xserver-xorg-video-intel (X.org server), firmware-iwlwifi (iwlwifi module) and firmware-realtek (Realtek RTL8168 ethernet device) together with the usual kernel, firmware and video driver stuff. There is not much manual configuration necessary to /etc/modules:

# detected by sensors-detect
Haktar (not used anymore)
Laptop-Workstation TOSHIBA Tecra A10-1HU (PTSB5E)

This laptop almost only Intel hardware and comes without any operating system. Besides the modem and the fingerprint scanner, which I both don't use, everything is working. So whats basically needed here is libdrm-intel1 (drm module), xserver-xorg-video-intel (X.org server) and firmware-iwlwifi (Intel WiFi Link 5100, iwlwifi module) together with the usual kernel, firmware and video driver stuff. There is not much manual configuration necessary to /etc/modules:

# Bluetooth
# FireWire
# detected by sensors-detect

This Toshiba based laptop might need toshutils and/or toshset.

When I bought the laptop, the battery held for more than 4 hours in normal operation. In my opinion, this is quite good. Suspend and sleep modes etc. also work fine. November 2014: ATM I'm suffering from the laptop changing audio mode to earphones after waking up from suspend. This is weired.

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HOG (Heart Of Gold)
Home-Server HP Proliant Microserver N54L

N54L HP microserver used for storing backups and media files (NAS), acting as HTPC and as build daemon (buildd) to build Debian packages.

HP N54L with Turion II Neo 2,2 GHz (704941-421)
Internal modifications
2x 4 GB Kingston PC3-10600 ECC RAM (KVR1333D3E9SK2/8G)
1x 500 GB WD Black (WD5003AZEX) as system drive and spare for backup
4x 2 TB WD Red (WD20EFRX) as RAID5 in two partitions, one encrypted (backups)
Sapphire Radeon HD 6450 1 GB (11190-09-20G) with VGA/HDMI/DVI
SilverStone USB 3.0 PCIe extensions card / 2x external and 1x 19pin internal (SST-EC04-P)
Bios mods
Mod by Tobi Oo to enable full speed on all SATA ports
Case mods
Scythe Slip Stream Case Fan 800 rpm, 120x120x25 (SY1225SL12L)
USB 20x4 LCD display for 5,25'' bay with red characters and black background (U204FR-A2)
TP-Link USB W-LAN card (TL-WN772NC) worked well, now Gigabit
Lenovo Multimedia Remote (USB) Keyboard N5902 (57Y6678 is 0C51503 for new model N5902/A)
TV/Monitor via HDMI
Debian Wheezy
XBMC (X.org and lightdm)

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The server is a HP ProLiant DL120 G6 (HP model no. 583183-B21). It is hosted by leaseweb and runs on Debian GNU/Linux stable too. The hardware is based on Intel chipsets whereas the network devices have been manufactured by Broadcom.


This is a new virtual server. So there is not much information about the hardware. The system runs Wheezy.

The following is a list of (probably) relevant packages installed on all system: firmware-linux, intel-microcode or amd64-microcode, acpi, acpid, acpi-support, hdparm, smartmontools, hddtemp, pm-utils, lm-sensors

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