Tuesday, September 19, 2006

Chemistry packages accepted in Debian

I'm proud to announce, that chemical MIME was accepted by the Debian FTP-masters and it is now part of the Debian distribution as package chemical-mime-data . However the GNOME chemistry utils are not yet accepted, but they are awaiting the review by the FTP-masters in the NEW-queue. The next packages will be gchempaint (probably 0.6.7) and bkchem (probably 0.11.5).

The Debian packaging files of these packages are officially maintained by the debichem Alioth project members (I belong to this group too) and they can be found in our SVN repository. I have to say "Many thanks!" to Michael Banck, my sponsor, and "Join us!" to all, who want to help packaging.

I've updated the Debian Wiki to fit the new situation. Search there, of you want to know, which packages await an review to suggest them for Debian officially.

Stay tuned.