Sunday, February 8, 2015

Correct keyboard layout (QWERTZ) with Logitech K400 attached to an Android HDMI stick

I've bought an HDMI stick with Android 4.4.2 to connect a TV to the local network (stream, DLNA) and the internet (Video portals etc.). The stick comes with no input device whatsoever. So I decided for a wireless Logitech K400r keyboard. Unfortunately the keyboard layout used by Android seems to be American (QWERTY) although the language and location settings are set to German. So I neither get Umlauts nor special signs correct nor do the media keys of the K400 work. But there is an easy way to make all this work. I've recently seen some people suggesting to install an app called External Keyboard Helper to fix things, which comes in a demo and a pro version, the latter with costs. Fortunately I didn't need any of these for the Logitech keyboard plus I got all media keys of this keyboard to work in just three steps without any cost :)

Step 1

First I went to the Google Play Store and installed the Logitech Keyboard Plus app by Logitech Europe S.A. (See? No external stuff and without costs. Ignore anything that's written in its description about Bluetooth.)

App Logitech Keyboard Plus shown at Google Play Store

Step 2

Then I opened the settings section and went for Settings > Language and Input (Einstellungen > Sprache und Eingabe). Under KEYBOARD & INPUT METHOD (TASTATUR & EINGABEMETHODEN) I activated the entry called Logitech keyboard (Logitech Tastatur) as shown below.

Activate the entry &quote;Logitech keyboard&quote; under Settings > Language and Input

Step 3

Now a click on the field above that is called Default (Standard) and (here) defaults to Deutsch - Android-Tastatur (AOSP) ...

Click on the field &quote;Default&quote;

... opened a popup called Choose input method and there I've chosen Logitech keyboard (Logitech Tastatur) as shown below and confirmed it.

Activate the Logitech keyboard on the popup called &quote;Choose input method&quote;

The default now is the Logitech keyboard:

The default keyboard now is the Logitech keyboard

Finally ...

... it's done. The keyboard now behaves as expected and also the media/function keys do work. It is however not possible to adjust or configure anything, because this presumes a confirmed Bluetooth pairing between the keyboard and the android device and the K400 is not a Bluetooth device. It would probably be a good idea for Logitech to make this app usable for all available Logitech keyboards, even USB and Unifying(TM) ones. Update: As of now it is possible to cancel the Bluetooth pairing attempt without leaving the application. So this app in fact can be used for USB and Unifying(TM)-based Logitech keyboards.

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  1. Actually conclusion of my own experience: where the drivers can`t help, there's nothing to be done. Right exit perhaps to buy a new keyboard only)
    Once again I'm sure Logitech K360 2.4 GHz needs sometimes to Logitech Drivers Download's exactly what I install from time to time.